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What is a Test Only Station?

Test-Only stations are licensed by the state only to perform tests on vehicles. They are prohibited from performing any repair services. Gross Polluters can also be certified at these stations. In addition, potentially high-polluting vehicles in the state’s smoggiest regions are directed to these stations for their initial Smog Check inspections, as specified on the Department of Motor Vehicles registration renewal form.

Do I really need a Smog Check?

Not all vehicles must get a Smog Check. Additionally, some vehicles only need a Smog Check when they are being sold or being registered in California after previously being registered in another state. Whether or not a vehicle needs a Smog Check depends on the type of vehicle, the model-year, and the area in which the vehicle is registered. Select the Bureau of Automotive Repair button below to obtain more information.

Who requires a Smog Check?

1) The Department of Motor Vehicles renewal notice will indicate whether a Smog Check is required to re- register your vehicle.

2) Most areas of the state require vehicles to have a Smog Check performed every two years, when being sold, and when being initially registered in California. These areas are referred to as the state’s Basic and Enhanced Areas. However, Change of Ownership Areas only require a Smog Check when the vehicle is being sold or initially registered in California.

What should I know about the Consumer Assistance Program?

1) You may qualify for up to $500 in financial assistance to repair your car if it requires a Smog Check at a Test-Only station and failed that test.

2)The Bureau of Automotive Repair Retirement Program is now offering $1000.00 for eligible motorists to voluntarily retire their high-polluting vehicles. If you don’t think it’s worth repairing the Bureau of Automotive Repair may buy your car! If your vehicle fails its biennial (every other year) Smog Check inspection and you are either income eligible or your DMV Renewal Notice requires you to obtain a Smog Check at a Test-Only station. Select the Consumer Assistance Program button below to obtain more information.